Hawkeyes invade NYC

I spent the better part of last week and weekend in New York City as the Iowa Hawkeyes sent 3 wrestlers to the NCAA championship and their basketball team to the first rounds of the Final Four. Sadly, no wrestlers we able to come away with a championship and after some last minute heroics from senior Adam Woodbury in the first round, Iowa basketball fell to Villanova on Sunday. 

Sen. Ted Cruz in Decorah

A few daily assignments had me in the northwest corner of the state and with this being caucus time in Iowa, there was bound to be a politician in town. So with not much else to do on a snowy January night I made my way to a Ted Cruz event happening around the corner at a place rumored to have the best pizza around. I had to investigate.

The place was packed so he came in the back and down the steps where they keep the spare boxes. Cruz grabbed a couple and vowed to use them in a joke during his speech.

Thanks for looking!

Political Juggling

Politics never much interested me. Photographically or otherwise. Normally, I would rather sit in a dentist chair than stand in a press gaggle, but thankfully (and much to my surprise) that has completely changed.

My first big event was two weeks after starting at the paper and I had to look up mug shots of most of the candidates but now, six months into my first caucus season, I can honestly say I really enjoy going to many of the events. 

Here are a few favorites:

Six Months in Iowa

I've been at the Des Moines Register for six months now and wanted to reflect back on what has been an absolute whirlwind of an adventure.

This May brought the end of a 10 year college journey that takes most normal humans four. Shortly after graduation, like 10 days short, we headed back to the Midwest in a U-Haul and seemingly haven't stopped since. Hours of training and getting accustomed to the new digs lead right into RAGBRAI (look it up, it's amazing), the state fair, harvest season, football season and what has dominated all of it... the 2016 Iowa Caucuses. 

The politics will come later... for now enjoy a few of my favorites from fly over country.

2015 International Stroke Conference

Last week was the American Heart Associations 2015 International Stroke Conference held at the Music City Center in Nashville. I had a great time covering it as part of the Med Meeting Images team.

Here are a few of my favorites

Catching up on 2014: Kynect for the New York Times

Kentucky politics were in the spotlight last year as was healthcare. I spent a few days chasing down politicians Mitch McConnell and Allison Lundergan Grimes as they campaigned at the state fair talking, or not talking, about the new healthcare law and Kentucky's marketplace for it, Kynect.

I also meet up with a few wonderful people for whom the new law is affecting in a positive way.