When family and friends collide

So it is now 3.30 am and for some reason the since we got here I haven't been able to go to sleep early. I get really tired but just don't feel like sleeping. Tonight though there is a reason though. We went bowling, again. This time minus Dempsey but plus Scott and Archie (a really close friend of Scott's). We have hung out with these guys a lot this week and have had a blast every time. They have made this first week down here so much fun and have helped keep me from sitting in the apartment thinking of home. So I thank them for that.....Over and over and over. Kelly said it best today when she said that it feels just like hanging out with a group a friends and forgetting that, "O ya, you're family!"
Anyway here is some stuff from the bowling alley and then waffle house afterwards.

Kelly did so well on this roll that she channeled Michael Jackson...Unfortunately the channel was a bit fuzzy.

Three pitchers of beer and a large coke later everyone was pretty happy. Guess who had the coke.
Ah Waffle House. Not only did I move to a town with some awesome family that I didn't get to see enough of earlier in life, but I am now within 5 miles of 5 Sonics' and 3 Waffle Houses'. and yes Julie, I will probably have a belly.