Its everywhere

I move 400 miles away and still there is construction. Yet another assignment from the yearbook. This is the old auditorium that is getting torn apart and a 15,000 sq.ft. addition put on. I found out about it yesterday and got up at 5 this morning to go shoot it. I was told when I got there not much was happening, figures. O well, the stuff turned out ok anyway. I was looking over the whole shoot and realized I had a bunch of stuff FROM the construction but nothing OF the construction (guy swinging sledgehammer, walls coming down, bobcat in action, etc.) I hope they don't mind. Worst case is i go back. Not terrible though, the light in the building was sweet plus I really like shooting that kind of thing.

Anyway here is what was the auditorium floor with all the seating. The bobcat is on the stage.
Two men taking a door out of the bathroom. Good thing I went before I got there.

This photo says nothing about construction, but I thought it sure was pertty.

And lastly, a dude carrying conduit out of the building. It's funny, every site I have been on shooting starts out pretty strict about being with me everywhere I go. Then they realize that I am not just going to take 2 photos and leave. I explain I have been around construction before and know where not to go, i.e. the boarded up door on the second floor with BIG first step. They stop, think, think, look like their thinking and then say something to the effect of, "Well just be careful and see me when you leave." That's right, the Pop in me is shining bright.

I also shot at the farm today, but its 1am and i been up since 5. Good night, morning, whatever.