The many faces of football

Last saturday was our first home football game against Murray State. I was supposed to shoot on the field but a mix up by the editors left me shooting in the new skybox. They just put up brand new stands on the visitor side with these fancy skybox's and they wanted shots of the happenings up there. Thats where these first two come from. This kid was just all over his grandfather who just wanted to watch the game. I'd imagine something like when pop would take me just about anywhere. (He never threatend the belt though.)

So I worked till 2 came home and then walked over the tailgating festivies. This whole living on campus, walking everwhere being by everything is getting kinda cool. I'm using almost no gas which is good because there is almost no gas to be had at stations down here.
Anyway, so the game didn't start till around 6 ish and I just wanted to shoot some drunk college kids. For me it's so much more fun to document the drunkeness than partake.

Here is the school band before the game. How very artsy, yes I know.

They had this blow up boxing ring with giant gloves set up and chaos ensued. This is a brother and sister, and lets just say he wont be bragging to his friends about the time he beat up his sister any time soon.

O how I love football. Sure the game is great but college tailgating is a thing of legend and Western's pregame festivies lived up to expectations. After 2 hours and 4 or 5 trips up and down the hill shooting crap images I finally found these guys. o ya, Jackpot. The Sigma Chi frat. Drunk, still drinking and no intentions of goin to the game. Insert loud music and dancing on a truck bed and you have yourself some great photographic subjects.

Thank god Nikon seals their camera's well becasue i think i got just about a case of beer dumped on me throught the day. Nice when you have to go shoot in a hotty totty skybox in and hour.

O ya, there was a football game too. And we won 50-9. Bonus.
I was pretty happy with myself at the end of the day. Tailgating is like a festival which is really hard for me to shoot usually. It involves blindly going into the situation and trying to butt your way into these people's party's. That's were the drinking helps. But I liked the stuff from the skybox and still managed to get some decent game action despite not having field access. Maybe my most productive day since I've been at school.

Warning...random ramblings from my head...

It was also the first time that I really had the sense that this was "my school." Since I have never liked school I have never had any vested interest in it or cared much for the school spirit thing. Being at the game though I finally had the feeling that I was part of this thing they called college and that this was "my school."