Pana post #1 of many

Here is the first of many posts to come from last weekend. I nearly fell of my chair a few times laughing at some of these photos.

Ever wonder how Hollywood gets that messy "fresh out of bed" hair look?
Their secret... Dan Powers, an open lake, and a boat with a tube behind it. (Side effects will most defiantly include: unwanted bath, aching back, soar throat, bruised ego and uncontrollable swearing.) An optional nasal passage clearing is available for an additional cost.
Somehow the deck did not cave in/fall over/disintegrate all together with 25 people on it. Whoever built it did a good job we should hire them again. I think it would look better just a smidge to the left though. Remember the ghostbuster house that Mike had? We used to played with it all the time. It had the green goo you could put in it to make it look like slimer had been everywhere? You'd push a button and the goo would shoot out all over. Well kids do the same thing, you just have to through them in the air and then they throw up on you. Guess Mike just liked it so much he got the new and improved model.