Queen of my double wide.

Well, I will start today off with some new stuff aside from the pana weekend. I went to this "beauty" pageant at the Farmhouse frat. The name of this pageant, "Queen of my double wide." I kid you not.
Girls dress, or don't, in as trashy outfits as they can can think up and walk a runway of farm trailers vying for the pledges votes to be "Queen of their double wide." Outfits consisted of beer boxes, Christmas lights, construction vests, and a Cowboy hat...just a cowboy hat.

Thats it, You make your daddy proud.I couldn't decide B/W or color. Tell me what you think.

I can't, It's to easy.

So... back to the family weekend... Girls or Girl and Guns. She even hit a clay!

Missing tooth and everything, he just fits right in. King of my Double wide?
Never one to sit out on the action, Auntie Cheryl wraps Nana's leg after just a little to much action.