Rap Music and Water Games

On tuesday night a rap group named Nappy Roots came to campus to perform under guthrie tower. Its the big one with the clock right by my building at the bottom of the hill. I guess they met and formed on campus when they went to school at western and now are really big. Cool.
Well I had just come from shooting a roll clinic(teaches you how to get back upright if you roll over in a kayak) in the pool right across the lawn from where they were performing so I stopped by to shoot a bit. I guess should have expected this and should get used to it, but there was other PJ kids all other the. Twice I stepped into this girls photo. Oops. but i guess when you are at a school with lots of kids shooting its goin to happen. She was cool about it though, I said "Sorry" and she just said "Thats fine, just make it better. Try to out do me." So if thats any indication this should really help to push me.

Here is two from the roll clinic. The diver is just someone I shot before the clinic started to get used to the underwater housing that I was using. It was my first time shooting with a housing, which was basically a glorified plastic shopping bag. Think old plastic rain coat material with a clamp on one end. I knew it worked because another photog had used it right before me, but I still had to talk my self into dunking $3,000 of camera into the water.

this clinic teaches you how to flip yourself back upright if you get turned upside down while kayaking. The teacher stood next to them so that he could turn them back over when they couldn't do it. This is the only kid out of the 4 that did it.