This is just kinda a random collection of images from school and one I found that I forgot I took.
This is Brian Masck. He is my Photo teacher and also the Photojournalist-in-residence at school. It is a two year position where a professional comes to WKU to teach classes. He worked at a paper in Flint, Mi for years a a Director of Photography. Here he demonstrates how to hold a camera. I kid you not.
Found this picture while looking through some old stuff. OOOOOOOOOO........pretty colors. It makes me miss the Camera's I had at the Sun.

And a shot looking back at the square. Kinda the downtowny area. It's cool, think downtown pana with a fresh coat of paint. If you haven't figured it out, it is a square block with a parky think in the middle. I used a tripod for this picture because I couldn't remember how to hold the camera.