Back from Eddie Adams!

Got back from the workshop today about an hour before I had to be at work. What an experience. I learned so much and met so many people it was really cool. My team leader and producer were Melissa Lyttle and Josh Ritchie. Both of them were really cool and gave our team some great assignments for the weekend.
I got to do the multimedia piece for our group. So for my story which was a 61 year old woman who lives alone with her 3 dogs and goes hunting with them, I had to shoot the photos and also collect some audio while I was shooting to put with the photos later on. I worked with Meredith Birkett from on the piece which was really cool because she is one of the best in her field in the whole audio game thing. You guys can see it here.
Ours is called "For the love of Dogs" and should be the last one.

One other thing that made the workshop awesome was that a really good friend of mine from when I worked at the Naperville Sun was there. This is Kate Szrom jumping on the trampoline outside the barn. She actually is the one who told me to apply to this workshop and is a big reason that I was there. So it was great to see her there too.

These are some photos from my story that didn't make it into the multimedia show.

The barn backs up to a big hill/mountain that was in the middle of its fall color change. The whole area was full of crazy reds, oranges and yellows. It was also one of the most fun drives that I have ever made. We drove through the hills and were surrounded by views like this. All the roads where hilly and curvey so it felt like a race track. Sweetness.