Change is good

Back from the trip in one piece, that one piece hurts everywhere, but it is one piece. We left Friday with all intentions of checking out a new place that we had never climbed at in Tennessee just northwest of Chattanooga.
Well we got there, barely, the "road" to the boulders was quite a doosey. After we thought we found what was the parking spot we got out and started looking for rocks to climb. About two hours of hiking up and down hills on what we thought were trails we still hadn't found anything worth climbing. We finally stopped and Tim said, "This sucks, I say we just go to Horsepens." and I totally agreed.

This is what we did at Pot Point, which was the spot by Chattenooga. Looked at the guide book and GPS... a lot.

Horsepens 40 is about 50 miles northeast of Birmingham, Alabama. It is probably one of my favorite spots to climb because there is so much climbing so close to each other. Normally you go to a climbing spot and spend most of the day around one boulder. Horsepens is a boulder field with tons of climbing right on top of each other. Plus you camp right next to the boulders.
This is Lookout point. Right under it is a great problem called Redneck, really hard, really fun, did it once and never plan on doing it again. It ripped my hands open.

Here is Tim climbing after we got to Horsepens. It was only about 2 hours from Chattenooga so we got there around six and climbed all night.

Wow did we suck. We both kinda fell outta climbing a little bit. Me with this photo thing and Tim had to go and build a house. We had gone about the same time last year and stuff we did easily then took us lots of falling this time. We still had a great time as we usually do.

And this is when you know it is time to leave. It was the end of day 2 and since I have lost all my calouses my fingers were wearing pretty thin. We had been working this one problem we found for a good hour and on the last try when I finally got it I left my mark in blood. My ring finger finally blew through and started to bleed. Tim sent this problem in the next two tries and we both were hurting pretty bad so dinner and sleep it was.