Small Town...Big School

I had to go downtown to pay a bill today and on the way back I heard someone belting out some songs from the square, so naturally i went to check it out. It was this guy, singin' his heart out for change. "I usually stay out here until I get enough for a room. That's only happened twice." "I can only do it as long as my voice holds up." Now he is out there everyday, just about all day. He had a good backstory too that I wont bore you with, but just know it was good.
So I'm like, "Sweet, I just found myself a story." Go into PJ class that night and tell my teacher after class. I finish my story and the kid behind me says, "O you mean James? Ya I was going to do him too, hes pretty cool right."
"Ya," I say as I am screaming, "DAMN IT!" inside. O well, comes with the territory I guess. Small town, big or just well known photo school, this is bound to happen a lot.
Well here he is