The wonderful world of weddings

I had the chance to shoot Christen and Justin's wedding this Saturday. I didn't realize it but weddings run a bit differently down here. Maybe it is just our family, but I am used to the all day event. Not here, I got there at 2 and left at 4. That was Ceremony and reception and I wasn't cutting out early. The service was short with about 50-75 guests and the reception was in the basement of the church where they just had some appetizers. Their DJ was a 10 year old cousin with a boom box and a Dodge Ram as their limo.
It was a good time, they were nice people and I wasn't deathly terrified before shooting it and actually got some sleep.

This was the church it was at. Very cozy I think is how a real estate agent would describe it.

Here is Justin, the groom. He didn't like to smile to much. This was about all he could muster up, not sure if that is a good sign.

I got this wedding through my boss at Shutterbug when the bride, Christen, called her up freaking out because the guy they had to shoot it over booked their wedding and got paid for the other one already. She was really nice, kinda frazzled, it being her wedding day and all, but afterward seemed to chill out a bit.

I have been looking at a lot of photographs shot into the light and really like the look. I have never really tried it, on purpose, because I always hated to have a completely white sky and I just have always shot with the light and not against it, but I thought I would try some and I actually like them a lot.

We had already done one portrait session right after the ceremony and I knew none of them were any good so when they sat down to eat I went looking around for some detail shots of the church and stuff and right as I was about to go back into the reception I saw this light and background and thought, "Thats it." So after they finished we went out side and shot some more and thank god we did becasue these are WAY better than the other ones.

This is try number 2. He shot himself in the face the first time. oops.