Obama Rally part deux

I was really debating staying in Chicago for this. I had missed a lot of class already with the New York trip and then that monday so I could come home in the first place and going to this would cause me to miss Wednesday classes comin back. After I wrestled my self into the truck I was driving back to Bowling Green going over all the reasons that I should stay and my stomach was just turning. I got as far as 75th st on 355 and turned around and boy am I glad I did.

This will give you an idea of how busy it was down there. They said there were going to be a million people there, but I would say about 250,000 showed up. This is shot looking west on Randolph st. at Michigan ave. right after Obama gave his speech.
There were like 20 photographers around this sign... I had to do it.

"Your soul will burn in hell for taking this picture." (My interpretion of his look)

Overall it was really cool just to be down there when this happened. I am not a very political person, I don't really care to much for it but it was fun to be down there when something this big was happening and so many people were so passionate about it.

And Julie...