The people you meet...

This is Inus Nash. She is from Russellville, Ky but now lives in an assisted living home down the street from me. I stopped by today to take some photos but ended up just talking with her for three hours, yet it seemed like only 10 minutes. It is amazing sometimes how much someone will open up to you if you just give them some time and honest attention. At first I was antsy because I was worrying about a bunch of other things that I had to do for school but got so interested in her story that I just kinda forgot about all that and just listened.

I learned early on the value of viewing the world from some elses's perspective, maybe it was those fishing trips when I was forced to curb my enthusiasm as Pop trudged up the path behind me, but just slowing down, watching and listening to someone else, especially from another generation... I just learn so much.

Here is Tim again. He is rehearsing for a show on Saturday night. I think the story is going well, he seems to be more comfortable with the camera and his family seemed to open up a bit too so hopefully things keep going well.

Today was another one of the those days that while I was shooting Tim I thought about how cool photography is, how people just will open their lives up to tell thier story to you, how I can cross paths with so many people just because I am carrying around a hunk of metal and glass. On the same day, within an hour I was shooting an 86 year old woman wondering when her time would be up and a 19 year old drag queen who cant wait for his time to come.

I was talking to Ben about the rally on Tuesday and he said that would be the last place he would want to be. I thought about it and realized that if I wasn't shooting that I wouldn't have gone near downtown that night, but because I was going to document history, that is the only place I really wanted to be.