Wings, walls and fishnet

Here is just an update with some photos from the story I am doing on Tim. The last few days have been really crazy with school and shooting but there will be some cool stuff coming soon so keep an eye out. I have gotten some good feedback about my images from the Obama rally in chicago and figured I would try to do something different with them so as soon as its done (hopefully) I can get it up here so you guys can see it.

Tim was trying on on possible outfit for his Christmas show. It includes angel wings and a wedding dress cut in half.
These were from the last show I was at. This one isn't Tim, it is another queen from Nashville. Those walls were just so cool I couldn't resist.

This is a photo I am actually really proud of because it is not something I normally see. I would never have even taken this photo a couple of months ago but I really like it.

Wow. I need to shoot more faces.