Thanksgiving in the B.G.

So this year Thanksgiving was brought to me courtesy my family. I wasn't going to be able to make it back to Chicago so they decided to make the trek south and I couldn't have been happier that they did. We had quite the feast at my apartment of all places, with Uncle Jerry, Aunt Cathy, Scott and his roommate attending. Kelly and Dempsey even made an appearance. It was the best that apartment has ever smelled. Then on Saturday we went to Mammoth Cave to spend some "quality time" as the loving dysfunctional family unit we are. We go to a big, dark, wet hole in the ground to spend family time together.

Anyway, here's the Family as they walk mafia style up to the cave entrance. sopranos eat your heart out.

The cave was pretty cool. Unfourtunatly we were with some people who thought it a good idea to bring their kid who couldn't have been more than a year old on the tour. Look, if your child can't sleep at night without crying, chances are they aren't going to like being in a pitch black cave with 100 other people.

Bet you didn't know metal stairs were made by mother nature.

Julie Powers- Ladies and Gentlemen... Making her modeling debut.
See, at least she gets it honestly. I'm thinkin we just got ourselves a christmas card.