New Stuff... YAY!

Walked out of class today and these guys were walking on a slackline. Slacklining is basically tight rope walking but low to the ground. It was later on and the light was sweet so I mosied my way over and asked if I could take a few photos. I shot for awhile and then the light went away so I asked if I could jump on. Having not done it in a long time it was a little rough, but it came back quickly. They were pretty cool and I found some new climbing partners out of the deal. Sweet!

Julie, these are for you as proof that I do go out. Rick Loomis, a Western grad and pulitzer prize winner came to school to talk and afterwards we invited him out to the bar. Western Tradition I guess. Well, he never showed up, but about 15-20 PJ's did and we just kinda hung out, played pool and drank. Coke. Good times.