This and That

Since the Heroes project took up some time I have been slacking on the processing of other photos. So... in the next day or two there will be a splattering of photos from my trip home, the pana trip, and some recent work. Feels good to get caught up again...

This is at one of the rest stops during the trek home. I shot it on some very expired film I got when I was working at the Naperville Sun. I liked it.

Of all the time I have spent at Nana's house I don't believe that I've never seen this angle before. Well at least I found it now cause I like how it looks...

Another old, expired film shot, I think we were waiting for the El to come on our way to.... (next photo)

BILLY GOAT! The most magnificent burgers ever along with some killer atmosphere. CHEEZBORGER CHEEZBORGER CHEEZBORGER!!

Kiss me, I'm Irish. What else do I say?