The ups and downs

Well...tonight could have gone better. To any who didn't watch Western lost to Gonzaga in the last second, literally, of the game. At least that's what I was told. All I saw through my camera was extreme happiness followed by tears, it was at that point that I assumed nothing good came of the game. These are just some of my favorites, more will come tomorrow.

I had gone over to Froggies to watch/shoot the game, it was SLAMMED. Usually I would just turn around but it was fantastic for photos.

This dude was so excited and super expressive so I kinda camped out around him.

The people right under the big screen were kind enough to let me sit in thier booth with them for most of the game so I had the whole bar looking right at me. Good photographically, bad for someone to isn't really an attention seeker.

This was taken from that vantage point in the booth. The TV is inches above the camera. I'm just glad I finally got to use my fisheye!
It's late, I'm tired, Goodnight.