Phresh Pham

Phresh pham put on a little shindig after a poetry slam last night at the fairgrounds. Phresh Pham, from what I could gather, is just a group of guys who got together and are trying to put together more events like this to get people out and have some fun. It got off to bad start when nobody showed up till an hour and a half after it began, but slowly started to pick up from there.

These three guys were kinda the life of the party. They were dancing and goofing around, just generally making a fool of themselves at this 80's themed dance party they threw. The best part was that most of the crowd wasn't dancing or anything because they had never heard the songs before.
They had a photo booth set up but I saw one couple do it. Otherwise this is kind of how it went: groups standing around while a few people danced alone. Sad day.

This reminds me of those creepy horror movie's. Just insert Run DMC instead of the horror music.
This is one of the three main guys that actually was dancing. Rap songs make me laugh, he was dancing to "Stanky Leg." Oh, kids these days....

Since he was dancing for everyone else anyway I guess he figured why not...