A week in review

Some random shots from this past week

The weather has been a bit iffy lately, its been warming up though. We had a nice rainbow on Monday.

Shuffleboard at Double Dogs. Gotta get just the right touch...
I shot a First communion ceremony for Shutterbug on Sunday. It was interesting to see how differently they did it than I remember ours. The priest had all the kids come up front at once to light the candles and then go sit back down. They then went by rows to get their communion. Some of the kids used their candles as light sabers.

They also had a Baptism that same service. The church reminded me a lot of St. Peter and Paul, a big local church at home, in its design except that it had carpet and not hardwood. The priest was really cool about letting me shoot from wherever I needed and even asked if I wanted to get closer.