Early Morning Workout

Well, not for me at least, but for about 2,200 triathletes from around the country it was. Naperville held its annual sprint triathlon on Sunday morning and I went out there to cover it for the Naperville Sun. A few of these got published but some didn't but I just thought I would share them anyway. To see the story go HERE.

Right as I was about to leave I saw this guy standing off to the side of the finish line with a banner all rolled up and a cutout of a silver bell. I struck up a conversation to hopefully confirm my suspicions that he was proposing and low and behold it was his brother that was going to pop the question.

His brother and his soon to be fiance were both running in the race and they were going to string the banner up so she could run through it at the end where he would then be waiting on one knee. How cute :) So needless to stay I didn't leave and she said yes.... inbetween gasps as she tried to catch her breath.