The Whopper

I have been shooting.... I promise. I spent Saturday at the International fest downtown Bowling Green then made my way over to the Traveling Vietnam Memorial wall. The fest was cool, lots of stuff happening but it took me awhile to get into the shooting groove.

Since all of these outdoor activities were planned for Saturday the weather decided it was going to stink and rain on and off all day. Sure made things fun.

These are from the memorial wall. The Daily News had and would continue to cover this everyday last weekend so it was my job to try and pull something different out of it than the past two days.
That is this little guys dad at the wall. He is a Desert Storm Vet and looking for his Uncle's name on the wall who he named his youngest son after.

This is how it all came together on Monday's cover. If you want to see the slideshow of all the Fest and wall images check it out HERE.