"He Ran and ran....."

Yesterday, I got a call from my editor today saying that there was a couple living in this apartment complex in town from Haiti, and they still had one son there. That, and a rough idea of where there apartment was, was all I was given.
Luckily I found the couple and they were kind enough to let me, a total stranger, into their home. It never ceases to amaze me how willing people are to all photographers into their lives, usually at the worst of times, with relative little knowledge of who they are.
Anyway, that is a topic for a different post.
The husband has only been here for four months and it was his 11 year old son, and the rest of his family, that are still in Haiti. He had no idea if they were ok till 5:00 Tuesday morning. When the quake hit, "my son just ran and ran and ran until he found a soccer field to stay in." He said.