A new page.

Things have been quite busy since my last post.

A few months back I got a call I had always dreamed of, but never intended on getting... at least not for a long time. It was an old co-worker buddy informing me that there was going to be an opening at the Aurora Beacon-News and they wanted know if I would be interested. I sat speechless in my truck, key half in the ignition as I was about to drive home, when all of a sudden real life was standing in my headlights.

Long story short, I beat my head against a wall for a good week trying to decided what to do. School/work/School/work/School/work..... I didn't know. I conferred with family, teachers and close friends who all helped a lot with their tremendous insight.

In the end I did take the job and this was my introduction assignment, a few words and photos introducing myself to the community. It ran Sunday and I wanted it to be the first post about it here so that was the reason for the delay. Sorry.

The time I spent at Western Kentucky was priceless, and I will miss all the friends I made there. You guys are awesome.