Laundry Day

Family Laundry Center in Oswego offered up their washers and dryers for free till Noon today to area families without them. On what is traditionally a slow day, according to owner Mary Beth Kingsley, the center's 80 coin operated machines were almost all full.

When I get to an assignment I will usually take a few minutes to walk around and see what's happening, where the light is, who shouts out "You better not take MY picture..." ... that sort of thing.
I met the Campos family right away and knew they were it. I saw these kids playing and shot a few as it was happening then introduced myself to their mom. She was really cool and didn't mind my camera as she was doing laundry. I'm not talking a load or two here, she had six dryers going at one point.

I felt pretty good about what I had from the event but I still had some time to kill before my next assignment so I perused the place for some fun images.