Easter Ed

I met Ed Johnson a few weeks back at Waldo Junior High. We were doing a small story on him and his career change from Juvenile corrections officer to Junior High teacher. After the reporter and I talked to him more we realized his story should be bigger than just a small feature. It was pitched, and ran today as the main package for the Easter Sunday Paper.

Long story short, Ed is awesome. He asked to be placed in this Behavior Disorder classroom to teach and has been with the same 7 kids for 3 years now. He goes beyond the walls of his classroom though and takes them on monthly field trips for good behavior. He is also the Pastor at Christ Deliverance Church in Chicago. Check out the story that ran today HERE.

These are just some other photos I took at church that I liked. The service was amazing to watch and photograph. The people were super passionate about their faith and welcomed us there with open arms. So open in fact, Ed called us up to the altar to be blessed. Trying to maintain my journalistic "fly on the wall" approach, I did what I could to decline but he was having none of it. When I got to the altar, Ed's wife took my camera's from my shoulder, instantly stripping me of any protective shield I thought I had. I may as well have been standing there naked as he held my arms up and put oil on my hands and forehead. It was an experience to say the least.