Mish Mosh

A couple random photos from these few weeks past.

I nearly caused a pileup as I slammed on the brakes after seeing this guy. "It hurts my back so I have to stretch." he said. 8 hours a day this man stands next to one of the busiest roads around holding his cash for gold sign. Rain or Shine.

One of my summer resolutions is to fish more this summer. That means more trips to the lake Pop. I hope your ready!
I was bored one night and looking through some old slides. This one struck my fancy and for some odd reason I decided to shoot the slide with my camera phone. Kind of a best quality meets worst quality situation. Well, this is how it turned out...
It takes a man to wear a hat like that. You go kid.
And we'll end on a happy note with some buildings from down in St. Louis shot while cruising before dinner.