Mr. Feed and Seed

Mr. Larry Griswold has owned and operated his feed and seed shop in downtown Aurora for over 65 years. He is 91 years young now and still works there with his two sons, Steve and Tim.

The story was about the time he served in the Air force 60 years ago. He was awarded a soldiers medal to his bravery in helping to put out a fire on board of an aircraft, but 65 years later still had not received his medal. After lots of red tape and phone calls it finally came and he would will keep a willing listener there for days recounting all the tribulations of how he finally got it.
This is how the first page ran in the paper. The background is a page out of his journal chronicling every mission that he went on. "Thank god I wrote it all down," he said." I'd never remember all that stuff 65 years later."
We had been falling into running the same design template for the past weeks on the storyteller column so I made the collage in an effort to try and get out of that mold.