Wedding Shootout

Modern Image Studios hosted a night photo workshop with two fantastic couples who put up with some cold, wind and rain to get blasted with way to many flashes.
It was very cool to see how some other shooters approached their shoot and how their images came out.
Check out MIS photographer Wes Craft's facebook page HERE to see his images from the night and some other really nice wedding work.
Never one to love flash, I couldn't help but try and find some cool ambient light.

I was actually on the hunt for my next shot when I looked over and saw Wes was setting up some portraits of this couple. With a few 2 second exposures I stole his flash for a few. Thanks Wes!

We were 4 stories up and had a nice view over the river. Here is the great Mr. Jeff Owen taking advantage of the terrific viewpoint.

I had an idea to play with the shadows running up the ramp of the parking garage. The couple I was working with were great as I tried to maneuver them around from a story above. Not sure if it ever really worked, but I think they came out ok. You?

Big thanks to Michael Litchfield for maning the light on those last two. Saved me a whole lot of running. Click on his name to check out his website.