Dance Floor Romp

Well, I have gotten through the first few weddings this year relatively unscathed- thankfully. Most have been a blast to shoot and have been a nice little change of pace from the newspaper world. Last weekend though, I found myself out on the dance floor shooting what seemed to be the same shot over and over again. Big, bright, nicely lit images of drunken people dancing... fun? Yes, but gets old quick... very quick.

After some brainstorming, I step up a tripod, cranked the shutter to 30 seconds at f22 and popped away with a flash on the dance floor.

After a few gos, I reviewed and was rather disappointed with the results. They seemed far away and disconnected from the party.
"Well let's get in on the party," I thought. So away I went the pod with flash in one hand and camera in the other into the belly of the beast.
Here are my two favorite results: