Skaters, Soldiers, and Sunbursts

Four completely unrelated photos but some that I really wanted to share.

Mrs. Lopez lives in Aurora and her son was one of the first in our area to die in combat. She is a great woman and nearly had the reporter and I in tears as we were talking to her. "Just don't forget them. Never forget them." she told us.

The Kane County Drug Court had a graduation ceremony for those that had graduated from the program. Kids from the local high school came out to sing some songs for the graduates and the judges that sentenced them were there to say a few words also.
With the Blackhawks now two games up in the Stanley Cup Finals (HECK YA!) I went out to a rat game (pick-up game) at a ice rink to ask guys about their favorite players. It was a glorified man on the street assignment so I figured I'd have some fun with the portraits. Here is my favorite.

And finally.... Stuck in traffic on hour and a half drive in this morning, I passed the time as usual (by taking pictures out the window) but actually came away with something I liked this time!