64 Years

Last week I shot what may have been the best wedding ever.

Well, sort of.... After 64 years of marriage Albert and Marion Wagner renewed their vows at the nursing home where Marion lives.

About a year ago Marion suffered from a stroke and nearly passed away. "It was close," Albert said, "but shes still here."
Since the stroke Marion has been on hospice care at the nursing home and Albert comes to visit her daily.
"They sit in her room and watch soaps all day holding hands. It's really cute." Marion's caretaker said.

Family and friends all came out to the ceremony decked out in pink, Marion's favorite color, and then they had a mini reception (complete with bad DJ) afterward.

I asked Albert if he felt any different today than he did 64 years ago. Without hesitating the 85 year veteran said, "I love her more today than I did 64 years ago."
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