Hunters of Houses

After months of saying we were looking for a house, Jordan and I went on our first official house hunt last Sunday. It was both exciting and disheartening seeing the homes that were in our entry level budget.
Here's a few I grabbed between shooting flooded basements, rotten walls and caved in ceilings...

As a camera is never far from my hand, pen and paper (usually with some sort of list on it) are never far from Jordan.
"Would you make fun of me if I make a house hunting binder?" she asked the night before we left.
Of course I did, but having never stopped her before, out the door she walked; binder, notebook and a printout of each scheduled visit in hand.
A few foreclosures were thrown into our homes tour of the western suburbs of which I have mixed feelings.
We are working on a story focusing on foreclosures now at the paper (really excited to share some photos soon) and it has opened my eyes to just how easily this could happen to anyone, but that is all for another post.
Basically this little scribble is what brought me pause and made me wonder about the families that wandered these halls a few short months ago.

And a new profile pic to boot...