Fox Valley Evicitions

Say what you will about the economy, here in Kane County foreclosures and evictions are on the rise. I have been following Deputy Siedelman for about a month now and according to his schedule of 2-3 foreclosure evictions a day things are not slowing down.
These photos are from one of the evictions we went on with Deputy Seidelman that was probably the hardest to witness.

This was the scene when I walked up...

The family had lived in the house for 13 years, but a year ago the father lost his job as a drywaller and hasn't been able to pay ever since.

The whole family; mother, father, and 3 sons from high school age to infant, had to leave their house that morning with all their possessions in their front yard.
When asked if they had anywhere to go or anyway to move their belongings into storage the Dad pulled some change out of his pocket and said, "This is all I have."
To the family I can only wish the best, but this whole story served to make me realize how easily this can happen to anybody relatively quickly and easily.