Quality Time

Sorry for the delay in posts, I spent a long weekend at the lake with the family... the whooooole family. We are over thirty people strong, so getting everyone together involves either presents or a large body of water. We got super lucky with the weather and it was hot, sunny and sticky almost all weekend. How that happened is a mystery. Just ask Little Gary, aka Moose, he doesn't know either...
We had one night that threatened to raise the water level but after a small shower to cool everything down it was back to high heat and humidity.
The added bonus of the trip was getting to see my family from Bowling Green whom I haven't seen since leaving school.

The festivities wrapped up with a birthday celebration for Grandma who turned the ripe young age of 70.

So as the dust settles and the bumps and bruises from crashes on the water (and stairs...Scott) fade I know it will be a weekend I never forget and with any luck we won't wait for snow on the ground to see everyone again.