Slow News Day?

I always get nervous when I come into the office and there is nothing on the schedule for the day. One of two things almost always happen...

1. "Well Brian's not doing anything today, have him go grab a quick picture of (insert building, field, empty street, etc. here).
2. "So we have this story, but nothing is happening right now and nobody will talk to us. Go knock on doors. Oh... and we need it for tomorrow."

Thankfully this doesn't happen often, but when it does it is usually never a happy experience for anyone involved.
Today was an exception.
It started off as a #2 from above- a reporter and I headed out west to see if we could get anyone to talk to us about a shooting from over the weekend. After getting some good interviews (all of whom denied photos... surprise!) we came upon a man who directed us to the scene of the shootout and said there may still be crime scene tape up. SCORE! I thought trying not to get to excited.
We pulled up- low and behold there was the tape.
"Sweet! I have my cover," I thought. Soon after we got there two ambulances pulled up and start meandering the scene with us. They stopped and pointed at a spot on the road next to my feet and said that is where the man was shot and killed. Creepy.

We both returned to the office happy and a bit stunned at what we had just seen. Not a minute after I had turned in those photos, a call came across the scanner for an accident with gunshots heard.
Coming from the last scene with police tape wrapped in corn stalks, I tried to make a photo that would show the same tape in a more urban environment.

What a day.