Watered Down

We've had some pretty ugly weather here the past few days in the Fox Valley. After a few early morning assignments I got word from a deputy that we have been following that there was some pretty severe flooding on Aurora's east side. He didn't know if it was something we would be interested in, but with all the rain I figured I'd be out looking for rain features anyway so I went over to check it out.

The "flooding" was a small lake that had formed in the middle of the street and was flowing into peoples living rooms and basements. The man above had waist deep water in his basement which was a nice welcome to the neighborhood since he had just moved in on Sunday.
The people were great to me as I asked to photograph as they tried to clean up and pump out the water that had invaded their home.
The story ended up A1, so a big thanks goes out to Deputy Siedleman for clueing me in on the flood. Check out the story and more photos HERE.