Best. Sunday. Ever.

I knew Sunday was going to be good when I was asked a week ago if I wanted to shoot the Chicago Bears Season opener at Soldier Field.

Dumb question. I know.

After getting all my gear set up in the media room I headed out to the field about 30 minutes prior to game time. As I take in the scene around me I notice the Chicago Blackhawks Wingman Patrick Sharp.
"Cool," I thought, "Sharpie's takin' in a Bears game."
I continue to scan the scene and come to find Patrick Kane and about 6 or so other Hawks players on the sidelines standing around and tossing around a ball.
With that much of the Stanley Cup Champions present I let my mind play with the thought that the Cup may be close by.....
Lo and behold, right before player announcements out came the cup and the stadium went insane.

I was having so much fun shooting the players and the cup, I nearly forgot about the football game I was actually there for.
It was really cool to see the Hawks players, who are just as big of stars in their own right, be taking photos of each other on the field and just as in awe as I was to be on the field.

Right when the fighter jets flew over the field, as the last words of our National Anthem echoed off the walls of the stadium, I had to stop and take in what I was doing.
I looked up and there was the Stanley Cup, surround by its championship team all on the same field I was standing on to shoot opening day of the Chicago Bears football season.

And you can add that to the list of reasons I love my job.