BG day 3

As I was headed back to the house after my walk yesterday morning I came across Chris who was doing some flatland tricks on his bike.
I hung out for a bit and he ended up landing what he had come there to do so we parted ways before I had the chance to shoot much.
He was filming for a new youtube video he was putting up, but check out some of his other videos HERE.
Checked out Scott's softball game last night. They killed the other team 25-15.

This morning was spent out at Clifty Hollow climbing with Clinton Lewis. It felt good to get out on some real rock again.
^photo by Clinton Lewis

Clinton has been organizing a project that would bring some really cool changes to Bowling Green Parks. If you climb, or are in Bowling Green, or both, check out BOWLING GREEN BOULDER PROJECT and voice some support for better climbing in Bowling Green.