Plane crash

Just before I got into the office yesterday I got a call from my editor telling me a airplane had just crashed into the X Sport Fitness Center.
Of course I was on the other side of town, but I was in the truck driving as soon as I heard her say, "Plane crash."
By the time I battled my way through the lunchtime traffic a few other photogs from our news group were there focusing on the accident itself, so I turned my attention on the crowd that just kept growing.

Turns out there is a small subdivision with an airstrip maybe 500 yards or so away from the building and this plane was taking off and didn't get the altitude it needed...obviously.
Staff at the fitness center say that planes buzz a little close for comfort all the time, but this is the first one that has hit it.
Luckily the plane flew into what was a empty basketball court and early reports said all injuries were non-life threatening.