Busy Body

As Christmas approached two amazing stories fell into my lap. I have been wanting to really work on my multimedia skills, so my focus last week was on producing a piece on each of these stories. They both were more than deserving of it, and I really wanted to see if I could even pull off two multimedia projects in less than a week.
Below are the two finished projects, the first is more of an introduction to the famliy as I am continuing to follow them as their story grows and the second is just a fun little feature for the holidays. Comments, Critiques and ridicule are always welcome!

The Solgos family last week welcomed 10 year old Therese into their lives. She grew up in West Africa and has a heart defect similar to what the Solgos' natural born son has. Her first week here was a whirlwind as she experienced snow and sledding for the first time and made her first trip to the hospital to diagnose her heart problem.
Look for more on this amazing family in the coming months.

For most families, Christmas mornings means presents packed under a tree, but for some families who have fallen on hard times this year may be a little different. One family in Naperville set out to change that. They wanted to remain anonymous for the story, but I couldn't pass up the chance to spend some time with them as they delivered Christmas to those that needed it. Everyday for the week leading up to Christmas, they drop off presents at a families home, ring the doorbell and run. It's been over 10 years since they started after they had it happen to them and knew they had to pass it forward.