Public Guardian?

There is a program in Kane County where if the County feels you are no longer able to care for yourself and have no next of kin locally they can make you basically a ward of the state.

Sound fishy?

It is. These two people below had friends and family that were put into the Guardian system only to have their friend thrown into exile and threatened if they had any contact with previous friends and family members.

Mr. Rollins' Aunt was put in this program and half her home and possessions were auctioned off before he even knew what was happening. When he found out he immediately bought the home and save what he could of her belongings.

She was put into a nursing home against her will and Mr. Rollins promised to bring her back home. Sadly, she passed away before he was able to, but as a parting gesture, he took this rose from her casket that was driven by the home on the way to her burial and walked it through the house. "It was my way of finally bringing her home." he said.

A similar story happened to Shirley Girsh, but with a close friend. "We had been friends forever, and then all of a sudden I wasn't allowed to talk to her at all," Shirley said.