I spent last weekend down in the southern tip of Illinois on a Rock Climbing trip with my good friend Tim. Before I went to school these trips would happen on nearly monthly basis, but as my workload grew at Western the trips dwindled. It felt really good to get back out on the rock.... and taste Waffle House again. Yum.

The spot we were headed to was pretty much undeveloped which meant we had to pack every type of scrubbing device possible from brooms to toothbrushes to clean off the rock.

It had been awhile since the two of us went climbing, so as the sun set on day one out came the cigars and scotch. Always a good way to end the day.
Our journey the next day took us around Shawnee National Forest. As we drove up one of the cliffs an observation tower met us at the top. Expecting it to be closed, we drove by slowly and much to our surprise and delight it wasn't.

A short hike through Bell Springs State Park yielded a future swimming hole and more climbing possibilities.