Wedding bells

Jordan and I spent last weekend at Starved Rock Lodge in Utica, Ill. Friends of ours from high school were gettin' hitched and Jordan had the honor of being in the wedding.
It was the first time since I began photographing weddings that I attended a wedding as a guest, not a vendor. I had to be in the pictures instead of taking them....a very strange and uncomfortable experience for any shutterbug.
Much to the dismay of Jordan though, my camera was hanging by its usual spot off my left shoulder for about 90% of the weekend.
Now, having first hand experienced the annoyance/pressure/anger that comes with photographing a wedding/wedding party with another photographer, I limited my snaps to as few frames as possible and instead spent my time enjoying the graces of an open bar.
So here's to you Whitney and Joe, to the many memories and to the many more to come!

Check back for more from the rest of the weekend!