Faces of 9/11

After hearing the news last night, it didn't feel right to just sit at home so Jordan and I headed to Downtown Naperville to see if anybody was at the memorial there, but alas, there was not.
Not being a town of action, Naperville didn't have the hoopin' and hollerin' seen in other parts of the country and honestly, I'm kinda glad.
While I can't say I didn't feel a bit happy Bin Laden was dead, I do think that pouring onto the streets was a bit much.
By no means do I allege to have answer for what should or shouldn't have been done, but at what point are we just perpetuating the cycle of action and reaction.
The man took thousands of innocent lives and probably did deserve to die. Now though, we have more people getting more upset at our country which may result in even more innocent lives being lost.

Just some food for thought...