Walls of Jericho

Located on the far southwest side of Aurora, Jericho Circle is a public housing complex that is home to over 90 families.
Built in the 70's the complex, then known as Westwood, was a nice community to live in according to Somtwin Cooper who has lived there for over 30 years.
"It's not a bad place, just some bad people," she said of Jericho.
Cooper is one of the few residents that is not in a rush to move out.
The Aurora Housing Authority has applied for relocation vouchers to move residents once plans to tear the complex down are finalized. They have received 10 so far and have assigned each family a random number on a list to receive their voucher once the rest arrive.
Carmen Castillo is number 9 on that list.
"It's finally here," she said on moving day. Castillo and her family have lived at Jericho for six years and wasted no time finding a new home on Aurora's east side.

This is the story of the families at Jericho. A record of their lives in a place that some can't wait, and some don't want to forget.