Looking Back: NYC

In May Jordan and I traveled to New York City for a few days; partly for her work, but mostly to see the Big Apple for the first time.
I must say, being born and bred in the Second City, New York had a lot to prove and prove it did.
Both of us really enjoyed the trip despite the constant drizzle, and finally got the chance to see what all the fuss was about.

I went into the trip with no intention of shooting seriously. I wanted to go and just take in the all the stupid touristy garbage that we make fun of people for doing when they come to Chicago.
Much to my surprise however, I am more happy with the photos that came out of those 4 days than any of the work I produced at the paper.
Now, maybe it is just the connection I have to that trip and the memories the photos bring back, but whatever it is I find myself going to that folder on my hard drive more for inspiration than anywhere else.

Here are the photos that stood out the most to me. Enjoy...