Last week I spent 4 days down in Arizona covering the Spring Training camps of both Chicago baseballs teams. Daily work from the camps I've been posting over on the Beacon's blog. Check it out HERE. This a small chronicle of the trip.

Walking to the baggage claim in Phoenix I saw a crowd gathered waiting to surprise some troops that were coming home from their deployment.
I spent the first day running around and renting the rest of the gear I needed for the head shots I would be doing at the two camps the rest of the week. 
I had packed most of what I needed except a backdrop and stand, problem was the one rental place open only had backdrop stands available....uhoh.
After stressing over how I was going to setup and photograph the players I took a walk around the hotel for a little while.
 The next morning I arrived at Cubs camp to set up....only problem was I had no idea were to assemble my bed sheet turned backdrop and dual speed lights covered in light fixtures  from home depot.
Once I found the right PR guy to show me I should have just looked down to find my spot, I began setting up. My spot was outside which I could tell would present and issue once the sun rose but I didn't have much choice.
After camp ended I drove through Mesa to grab some lunch and found some guys trimming palm trees.

One of my favorite finds of the trip was South Mountain.  It had miles of trails and a fantastic view at the top.

I also finally had the chance to check out some places I've only heard of...such fabled franchises as   In and Out Burger and Jack in the Box. 
Wednesday brought some weather more suited for Chicago than what I would expect in the desert. Camp ended around noon as rain and some slushy mix fell on Phoenix.
The shuttle back to the airport. The trip home.