Smalls BBQ

I was assigned to photograph a new BBQ place on Chicago's north side last week called Smalls BBQ.

The joint is run by Chef/Owner Joaquin Soler, left, and his business partner Dan Scesnewicz.

As the name states, the place is tiny. No seats, all kitchen, with a counter that wraps around the 8x12 foot area left to order and eat if you so choose.

Joaquin ran a famous BBQ truck from which he would offer up various smoked meat sandwiches and other Bar-B-Cued culinary treats, but when he found this space he jumped at the chance to have his own restaurant.

Ribs and Elotes

Brisket Sandwich

So if you find yourself along Irving Park in Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood I would HIGHLY suggest following the glorious smell and find the bright blue building that houses Smalls.
Thanks for having me Joaquin and best of luck!